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Below is a collection of current and archived articles, press releases, and MHC materials where MHC and mental health issues have been featured In the News.

news from 2017

  • What is Mental Health First Aid? November 13, 2017 – Listen to Radio Clip
  • 30 UConn students to be certified in Mental Health First Aid November 10, 2017 – Read Article
  • John Martinez and Mental Health First Aid November 9, 2017 – Watch Video
  • Mental health first aid training is coming to UConn and Mohegan Sun November 8, 2017 – Watch Video
  • Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation (radio segment on River 105.9) November 7, 2017 – Listen to Radio clip
  • Orlando-Shooting Trauma Victim Finds Solace In Lady Gaga Music, Foundation November 7, 2017 – Read Article
  • Dems — including CT’s senators — plan to disrupt Senate over health care plan June 19, 2017 – Read Article
  • CT ranks first in mental health February 24, 2017 Read Article
  • Charities compete head-on in own version of March Madness February 27, 2017 – Read Article
  • Mental Health First Aid Certification Training Offered to Public January 6, 2017 – Read Article

news from 2016

  • Mental health awareness vigil highlights journey to recovery May 4, 2016 – Read Article
  • Nonprofits Struggle With State Budget Impasses, Cuts April 28, 2016 – Read Article
  • Mental Health Services Hit By Budget Cuts March 17, 2016 Watch Video
  • Mental Health Connecticut to Bring Mental Health First Aid to Litchfield County February 10, 2016 – Read Article

news from 2015

  • Delegation Announces $375,000 to Train Teachers & Adults in Youth Mental Health First Aid September 2, 2015 – Read Article
  • Mental health experts respond carefully to mass killings July 30, 2015 – Read Article
  • Trying to break the cycle that creates health care ‘super-users’ July 28, 2015 – Read Article
  • Mental Health Treatment Is A Privilege Many People Can’t Afford July 28, 2015 – Read Article
  • Suicide on Campus and the Pressure of Perfection July 27, 2015 – Read Article
  • Addiction and Stress: How to Feel More Calm in Recovery July 13, 2015 – Read Article
  • Mental Health America Taps Renowned Mental Health Experts to Join National Board of Directors July 10, 2015 – Read Article
  • New Efforts to Keep the Mentally Ill Out of Jail May 19, 2015 – Read Article
  • Mental Health Association of Connecticut Recognizes Mental Health Awareness Month May 15, 2015 — Read Article
  • Mental Health Is Main Cause Of Hospitalizations in CT, New Data Show April 19, 2015 – Read Article
  • A Two Minute Walk May Counter the Harms of Sitting May 13, 2015 — Read Article
  • My Lovely Wife in the Psych Ward January 12, 2015 — Read Article
  • The Long Reach of Childhood Trauma January 20, 2015 – Read Article

news from 2015 and earlier

  • Is There a Link Between Mental Health and Gun Violence? November 19, 2014 — Read Article
  • Photography as a Balm for Mental Illness July 24, 2014 – Read Article
  • Anderson Cooper Goes Through a Harrowing Mental Illness Experiment June 10, 2014 — Read Article
  • A Phrase To Renounce For 2014: ‘The Mentally Ill’ January 3, 2014 – Read Article
  • Living with Love, Chaos and Haley October 26, 2006 — Read Article
  • A Mind That Found Itself, Clifford BeersRead E-Book

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