Month: May 2019

A Day of Remembrance – Day #27

May 27, 2019 is Memorial Day. At 3:00 p.m., MHC’s Facebook page will be playing “Taps”, a bugle call which is traditionally played in remembrance of a fallen soldier at memorial services. 3:00 p.m. on Memorial Day is known as the National Moment of Remembrance and citizens are asked to gather together for one minute… Read more »

Feeding the Soul is Good for the Mind – Day #26

Regardless of whether you rely on meditation, yoga, or religion, caring for your soul is an important part of taking care of yourself that can improve physical and mental health along the way. Research on this topic finds several reasons for how spirituality is linked to good mental health. They include: having a connection to… Read more »

Show Us Your Labels, Without Apology – Day #25

Layshia Clarendon is a basketball star player. She identifies as gender-nonconforming, a devout Christian, a person of color, a lesbian, and a wife. Those are a lot of labels. Yet, she is someone who is comfortable in her own skin, happy to tell you that she is who she is, without apology. In the article… Read more »

With Art, Anything Is Possible – Day #24

Just a few years ago, Mental Health Connecticut’s Independence Center (IC) in Waterbury would host a casual meet up of 3-4 individuals who showed an interest in the Arts. With the support of the Connecticut Community Foundation, today the program known as Mending Art reaches over 140 participants at the IC and hundreds more in… Read more »

The Power of A Promise – Day #23

You know that feeling of having that trusted person you can count on? That one person you know will always have your back? For hundreds of individuals and families in Connecticut each year, the Keep the Promise Coalition (KTP) has stepped in to fight for an individual’s rights and to remind legislators of the power… Read more »